Since acquiring our very first yorkie as a pet, our entire family fell in love with the Yorkshire Terrier's beauty and zest for life. As time went by, our yorkie family grew and now we cannot imagine our lives without these beautiful, gentle and intelligent animals.

Our yorkies lift our spirits with their vivacious yet gentle personalities. Breeding and sharing these gems with others fill our hearts with joy and a sense of fulfillment, hence our name, Heartsong Biewers.

You can imagine our excitement when first discovering the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. These precious beauties are even more loving and gentle than the original Yorkshire Terrier. There goes a saying among Biewer breeders: " Being owned by a Biewer is a hundred times more rewarding than by a Yorkshire Terrier".

Our imported champion lineage Biewers are from the original Von Friedheck and Yorkie Home of Sunshine Pedigrees. Our Biewers are registered with the original IBC and all litters will be registered with the BTCSA.


If you would like to get in touch with us or order top knot bows please send us an email to;

or Contact Alet Otto mail address:  mobile  072 949 7909

Available puppies contact  Liezl Odendaal:  mobile:  082 923 7314  or Alet Otto 072 949 7909






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