Troika Biewers (Pretoria)

I am a Russian journalist who moved to South Africa twenty years ago with my husband, a South African who was working in Moscow at the time.  Not many South Africans know that Russians are passionate dog breeders and that the quality of their dogs have lead them to dominate European dog shows over the past years.

Biewer terriers are no exception, and since the official recognition in Russia of the breed in 2009, dogs from the Russian Biewer stud-book have won numerous international awards. At Troika Biewers we strive for the strictest possible international standards for the Biewer Terrier and all our pedigrees are traceable back to the original Friedheck line. Our sire is Kenley Zolotaya Imperiya. Both his parents were Ukrainian champions and he has a whole string of other champions in his bloodline, including his grandmother, European Champion Kitty Schneeflockchen von der Gartenstadt. Our first dam is Brittany Puppy Love, who has a string of Ukrainian and European awards in her bloodline as well, including two world champions among her grandparents, Birdy vom Seerosenteich and Gino von My Little Angels.Our second dam, also from German imported bloodlines is already a year and a few months old, so we can start our breeding program later this year. 

Biewers are amazing little dogs with gorgeous personalities and it is our duty to ensure that their bloodline grow stronger.




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